The no contact to desire your ex back


You always have to remember the no contact rule if you want your ex to come back. How long should this no contact period should be, you might ask? Well, it has to be at least 30 days. Basically, it should be as long as you need to get yourself together and think positively about your life with our without your ex. I have seen scenarios where it takes at least 6 months of no contact.

Lots of people have asked me the question that how is it going to affect your ex if you do not contact him or her for a period of time. Some asked what if they have moved on. To understand this, let’s break it down to simple questions. First, should you inform your ex that you are in no contact mode? The answer is no. What you want is for them to wonder what is going on in your life and why you are not contacting them. You have to pretend to be your ex and get in their mind. Informing them will not serve the goal.

Having said that, if your ex is contacting you daily then you should tell them that you don’t want them to contact you for a certain period. You will not want to say the exact amount of time. But tell them to not contact until you make the first move. You have to tell them you need some time alone.

Some asked me if it is not nice following the no contact rule. Well, you have to ask yourself this. Was it nice that your ex broke your heart and left you hanging? But you still want to be nice? The answer is a straight NO. And you have to understand that you are doing this because you want to help yourself get a peace of mind as well. So please, do not feel bad about not contacting your ex.

Some have asked me if they should answer their ex call. And the answer is still, just like the above, NO. The only time you would answer is when you are at the end of your no contact period and you have already felt rejuvenated about your life. You will have to use your judgment here. If you believe, even with the smallest chance, that you will become needy after speaking to your ex. Please do not answer the call even though it is very tempting.

Another common question is what if my ex have met someone new and that he or she might have forgotten me. The answer is NO they will NOT. If you guys used to be in an official relationship, there is no way on earth that he or she could move on swiftly. And you have to remember. No contact is only going to make them miss you more and recall all the great qualities about you.

Some event asked me if the no contact period can be just couple days break. Is this even possible? The answer is NO. It will take time and effort for you to overcome the negative emotions after a breakup. As I mentioned above, you need to start loving your life before contacting your ex. This is impossible in just a few days. Please be patient and you shall be rewarded. And remember remember to tell yourself language of desire reviews before going to bed.

Someone told me that you cannot give what you do not have. If you do not love yourself, you cannot give love to the other person. Please remember this key idea in mind when you are tempted to contact your ex. Love yourself and others will follow.

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